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Finding the right imagery for your designs or web sites can be tricky. Some may succumb to searching Google Images, ripping graphics from unsuspecting owners. But there's a better way (morally and legally) to stock up on much needed stock. Below are a few of the best resources for free photos to spruce up your pages.

Stock.XCHNG | Free Membership
Stock xchang is probably the most popular place to find free stock photography, all submitted by photographers, and all free to download. Try sorting search results by popularity or downloads for the best quality. This is a great community web site with many categories to browse, with a forum to request photos, and some great photography tutorials.

morgueFile | No Membership Required
morgueFile has a huge archive with high resolution photos zipped and free to download by anyone. They also have a selection of tutorials for photo retouching, contests, and more -- make sure to check out their forums and chat too. It's all completely free digital stock photography for either corporate or public use.

DeviantArt Stock | No Membership Required
DeviantArt is the largest art community online, so it's no wonder they have an awesome gallery of stock art, submitted by thousands of users. You can find a ton of model shots here, nicely broken down in detailed categories. Chances are, you'll make something nice out of these photos, then show off your creation right on DeviantArt.

If you still can't find what you're looking for, here's some cheap alternatives. Prices usually range from $1 - $5 per photo.


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